How imaging spectroscopy addresses the challenges in today’s mining sector

Are you dealing with raw materials? Do you manage mine sites or mineral deposits? Are you looking for more efficient ways for sorting?
Then you might be familiar with these challenges:
Increasing demand: The digital revolution and e-mobility require the mass production of technical devices. These devices need mineral resources.
Changing needs: The demanded minerals come from increasingly smaller, more complex deposits. Combined with declining ore grades, existing techniques are not suited to this new type of mining.
Digitalization: The entire mining life cycle needs to be digitized in the coming years. In particular, data acquisition, handling and analysis need to be optimized for remote mine sites. This requires large investments.
Large environmental + social risks: Legislators and consumers are demanding low impact mining operations, safe for the environment and your workforce.
Automated image analytics can add to all of the challenges, helping to make mining operations safer, more efficient and precise.
By quickly and accurately identifying mineral targets comprehensively at any point in your processing chain we add speed and precision throughout the entire lifecycle of your mine.

We address your current challenges:
Meet increasing demands – work efficiently!
With precise 2D & 3D maps you will get detailed information about the location, quality and quantity of of your targets at your site – from your entire area to sorting the minerals on your conveyor belt – maximize the minerals extracted and minimize waste material.
Fulfill changing needs – increase precision!
Automatically created detailed map products using data from multiple sources and sensors (satellites, drones, samples, etc.) will be used and updated throughout the entire life cycle of a mine. This data collected is ‘AI-ready’ and you will use it continuously to optimize operations and decrease risks.
Digitalize your mining – stay affordable!
Our analysis is performed remotely. It’s a completely non-invasive solution, generating quick and precise results with virtually no impact to the environment or human safety.
Minimize your impact – make it safe!
Find mineral targets quicker and more comprehensively, generate reliable and detailed data for deep analytics and add value along the whole value chain. That’s what we do.

Increase volume and efficiency, push digitization and lower the footprint and risks of mining. Optical sensors and cutting-edge image analytics will identify and characterize your targets quickly, comprehensively & efficiently. These methods work remotely and are fully data-driven.
How will our approach enhance your mining project:
1. ReSens+ provides full, comprehensive & spatially continuous data and detailed material characteristics, no interpolated point data. Our maps show what is actually there.
2. Site-specific spectral libraries from pre-campaign lab work enhance our mapping dramatically. But even working with generic libraries from our spectral library archive, ReSens+ delivers accurate results.
3. Our service is based on fully automated processes. Once the system is calibrated to one site, the results don’t need individual experience or spectral expert knowledge. This makes them more accurate, fully reproducible and fast.
4. The results can be integrated into any platform, and will provide added value throughout the whole life cycle of a project.

5. The resulting maps are Artificial Intelligence (AI) ready and open a whole new world of possible analytics.
6. We have run numerous projects in different sites and conditions and rad. Data is based on 10+ years of experience of the German Research Centre for Geosciences (GFZ). Our services are foolproof.
We go beyond today’s image statistics. Our work is based on current standards of different scientific disciplines like geology, mineralogy, remote sensing, spectroscopy and data processing. And this vast pool of information is distilled into your specific application.