Hyperspectral technologies in mining – Our vision

Our vision where hyperspectral technologies can enhance the mining processes.

Here’s our vision of how hyperspectral mining could become a common tool in the whole lifecycle of a mine. Multispectral sensors are already used in the exploration phase for target identification. Satellites like Copernicus Sentinel-2 are ideal to detect iron caps and we’re not far from having access freely available hyperspectral satellite data to detect the full spectrum of different carbonates, metal oxides and clays. In active open pit mining UAVs equipped with lightweight sensors like the system from Cubert GmbH and Malik Al-Badri or HySpex Mjolnir can aid airborne mapping and modelling for a well-directed extraction. As in my current Ph.D., with mine face scanning we’ll identify the areas of higher and lower ore concentration in cm-mm scale to assist operators at the mine front. By sampling, spectral libraries are built to improve the mapping efforts deposit based and with HySpex fast and powerful industry cameras, we’re not far off from real-time conveyor belt Hashtagsorting for enhanced processing on-site. I firmly believe that in order to meet demands, super- and hyperspectral is a great tool to enhance already existing techniques and aid in new ways. With our ReSens+ technology we are working on the development of different modules for all stages in mining. Don’ hesitate to contact us to get your solution tailor-made to your specific needs and applications. Are you interested in hyperspectral?