Oyu Tolgoi from Space

Staying at home can help you to focus on exploration and to streamline your upcoming exploration projects. With remote surface analysis, you can make progress during the pandemic and stay safe. The development like the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine from Rio Tinto
in Mongolia for example is slowing down, but instead we can help you to push your exploration and operations monitoring from your desktop using current satellite data! As a first step, our ReSens+ mapping uses a basic surface cover material library to check for matches in the area and find anomalies. Here’s the best and second best fit of the spectral library features of the Sentinel-2 data. They show the surface pattern of strong iron mineralization but also the expected increase of carbonate and chlorite in the open pit. As an open cut, the pit highlights the alteration zones beneath the surface. Some areas east of the pit and in the south-west show similarly promising patterns and might be worth a closer look. After getting an idea about valuable areas with freely available data, like we just did, we recommend checking commercial data like WorldView-3. We also suggest to apply a site-specific spectral library to detect mineralization relevant to your specific project.