Meet the Team

Martin Otto, CEO

 Martin Otto (CEO) holds a degree in Physical Geography and Computer Science from the TU Dresden. He put that to work for the Hannover Re Group when developing natural catastrophe models. Before founding rad.Data, Martin developed business models for the German Research Centre for Geosciences, GFZ, Potsdam. Here, he is supporting several software based start ups and managed technology transfer projects on a variety of applications.

Friederike Koerting, COO

Friederike Koerting (COO) holds a M.Sc. degree in Geosciences from the University of Potsdam. She leads the near-field, mineface based remote sensing effort in the team. Her profound experience lies in the hyperspectral mineral analysis in outcrops and drill cores. Currently, she is working on her Ph.D. Thesis, regarding hyperspectral copper ore detection and the application of hyperspectral data in the active mining enviroment.

Christian Mielke, CTO

Christian Mielke (CTO) received his PhD in Geology at the German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ, Potsdam. His focus lied in the automatic detection and characterisation of mineral deposit and mining sites with multispectral and hyperspectral spaceborne data. Christian’s current research concentrates on developing applications for material and element characterisation using imaging spectroscopy.

Arndt Schwaiger, CSO

 Arndt Schwaiger (CSO) is an experienced entrepreneur, advisor and investor. His background in artificial intelligence and extensive business experience provides a unique and balanced perspective. He has started several technology companies (including one of the first big data companies in Germany) and has advised more than 400 startups, SMEs and corporations on their digital business models, technology and overall strategy. Check his website for more information.

Bertram Heinze

Bertram Heinze represents rad.Data in South America. Since receiving his doctorate, he has acquired 15 years of expertise. He focusses on international research relations, technology transfer and project management of public and private institutions. With his company 
Innovbrazil, Bertram is working in consulting and project management in Brazil. Innovbrazil enables German companies market access to the mining industry.

Maya Sydney smiling

Maya represents the rad.Data team in Australasia. She studied communications and spent her professional life in information and consulting companies. She co-founded and manages the Sydney-based geological consulting company Geo9 Pty Ltd who specialise in groundwater and mineral exploration. Maya enjoys working with innovative scientific and data solutions that optimise the identification of resources and reduce environmental impacts.