Enabling targeted mineral exploration from your desktop

We apply highly advanced in-house developed image processing algorithms to satellite hyperspectral and multispectral data. ReSens+Space provides high resolution and reproducible “chemical vision” of your mineral targets based on customised spectral libraries. Our data products can easily be integrated into your ground exploration program and help maximise results from any exploration campaign.

Design showing Aggneys in hyperspectral view and a flying drone

In contrast to a traditional Principal Component Analysis (PCA), the ReSens+ service is based on direct measurements of chemical and physical properties of rocks, minerals and individual elements visible at the Earth’s surface. Our automated analysis of physical and chemical properties is comprehensive and com- plements the work of geologists, independent of their level of experience in data analysis. ReSens+Space can utilize multi-temporal imagery and multistack different satellite images. For example, the ReSens+Space Iron Feature Depth (IFD) is exceptionally successful at discovering iron cap/iron hat type deposits in remote areas.

A satellite image of the Fimistone Superpit, Australia with spectral analyses

The highly differentiated and reproducible ReSens+ results based in a customized Porphyry-Copper spectral library (Fimistone Super Pit, Australia)

  • in-house developed, cutting edge hyperspectral and multispectral data processing
  • highly advanced remote chemical and physical surface analysis
  • integration of different satellite and field spectral data by building customized spectral libraries
  • automated multi-stacking and multi-temporal data processing

From satellite based prospection and exploration,

to drone and airborne data acquisition,

to Brownfield and Mining Projects,

and Lab-based analysis to enhance measurements from the field or allow for conveyor belt analysis applications