ReSens+ digitalizes mineral detection

ReSens+ analyzes surface geochemistry and geophysics of minerals, rock types and elements using multi and hyperspectral images to quickly, accurately and easily provide precise data about the quality, quantity and location of minerals.

  • Comprehensive + spatially continuous data
  • Can be used remotely + non-invasively
  • Fully automated process for satellite exploration
  • Can be used and integrated with any platform
  • Generates data that is AI ready
  • Already validated by numerous projects

ReSens+ Space
- Targeted mineral exploration from your desktop

Our next-generation Spaceborne Remote Sensing products are capable to replace cost-­intensive airborne missions. We apply highly advanced in-house developed image processing algorithms to hyperspectral and multispectral satellite data. ReSens+Space provides high resolution and reproducible “chemical vision” of your mineral targets based on customized spectral libraries. Our data products can easily be integrated into your ground exploration program and will boost your results from any exploration campaign.-

Sentinel-2 human vision of the iron mine Carajas in Brazil (top) and the sensor vision of ReSens+ classification (bottom). Based on Copernicus Sentinel-2 data.
Sentinel-2 based maps of iron mineral distribution (left) and surface cover (right).
ReSens+ MineOps
- Streamline your mining operations

We offer solutions, that generate updated and pixel-precise ore-classification maps of a mine in less than an hour. We work with hand-held, tripod and UAV based measurements as well as integrated systems. Our precise analysis is based on site-specific hyperspectral library data. We analyze and visualize mineral deposits comprehensively over large areas, which allows the profound adjustment of quantitative predictions. That opens the possibility of close to real-time mineral and element/ore-classification & (semi-) quantitative mapping in the diverse and changing mining environment.

Hyperspectral SWIR sensor Mjolnir from NEO Hyspex.

Copper mine Apliki in the Republic of Cyprus with highly alterated mine face. Top: Human vision of the hyperspectral VNIR and SWIR scan with sampling areas identified in the field. Bottom: ReSens+ vision of Apliki (green colours showing vegetation, pink colours for Jarosite (clay + iron), blueish colours show copper carbonates and red indicate areas high in iron mineralization).

ReSens+ Lab
- Work your data

We work with deposit or site-specific libraries. We characterize your targets by their unique spectral features first by scanning and analyzing them in our lab. These “spectral fingerprints” will make a significant difference in all our further applications. If samples are not available, we will assemble a generic library from our vast database, that comes as close to your real conditions as possible. Our ReSens+Lab enhances the results of the any subsequent spectral application in the mining process.

Iron ore related sample detection and classification by ReSens+.
ReSens+ Rare-Earth Element mapping of sharp spectral features in hand specimen.
ReSens+ Aero
- Get the maximum out of your aerial campaigns

Expensive and time-consuming aerial campaigns are only as good as their results, so you need to get the most out of the collected data. We apply highly advanced and platform adapted pre-processing and image processing algorithms to your existing valuable hyperspectral and multispectral data. ReSens+Aero provides high resolution and reproducible “chemical vision” of your mineral targets based on customized spectral libraries and can easily be integrated into your ground exploration program.

drone with hyperspectral sensor
Hyperspectral VNIR drone for small sensor loads.

Provides high resolution + reproducible ‘chemical vision’ of mineral targets based on customized spectral libraries

Monitoring by UAV and mapping of active mine development, dry stock-pile and tailings.

Hyperspectral analysis of mining fronts improving extraction, modeling andmaterialhandling from mine to comminution.

Hyperspectral analysis of drill- cores, in-mine conveyor belt sorting and mapping with our customized spectral libraries.