South Africa surface mapping

Are you interested in identifying the most prominent surface covers in a country? Resens+ Space can provide you with this information. Here you can see the spectraly most prominent surface cover types of South Africa based on Copernicus Sentinel-2 data from 01.12.2019 to 04.02.2020. The most striking features are the green east coast and the green along the garden route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. The most dominant surface cover types in the semi-arid to arid areas are dry vegetation and iron bearing surface cover such as iron oxide rich soils (oxic soils). Keep in mind however, that the data shown here had only 60m resolution per pixel. Higher resolved data will show much more detail. Satellite data like that of Sentinel-2 can help you to identify interesting spots to analyse with higher resolution data (e.g. WorldView-3), by UAV or in ground campaigns.