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Hyperspectral Solutions
for image analytics

Skouriotissa 3D in true colors
Skouriotissa 3D in the colorful PCA analysis

we are focussed on pushing the boundaries of hyperspectral imagery analysis to:

Meet increased demand. rad. Data harnesses technology to quickly and accurately identify mineral targets enabling mining companies to be faster and more efficient throughout the entire lifecycle of a mine.

Fulfill changing needs. rad. Data’s precise 2D maps provide detailed information about the location, quality and quantity of minerals at a specific site – from entire mines to sorting minerals on a conveyor belt – maximizing the minerals extracted.

Spectral Analytics

Digitalize mining. rad. Data automatically creates detailed maps products using data from multiple sources and sensors (satellites, drones, samples, etc.) that can be used and updated throughout the entire lifecycle of a mine. The data collected is ‘AI-ready’ and ready to be continuously used to optimize operations and decrease risks.

Minimize impact. rad. Data’s analysis is performed remotely and is a completely non-invasive solution, generating quick and precise results with virtually no impact to the environment or human safety.


Big Projects

Years of Research

Sites used for POC

Our satellite exploration product is already in production and we’ve successfully completed our in- mine tripod monitoring MVP.

Our product is already tried and tested with over 7 big projects completed all over the world.

We have performed extensive research via the renowned Helmholtz Association at GFZ Potsdam in Germany.

We have performed a thorough technical validation of our base algorithm using the data from more than 60 sites.

Design with colorful multispectral of Aggneys and a drone

We use every pixel –
no mixing, guessing or manual adaption

rad. Data searches for distinct spectral fingerprints in the spectrum. Plain image statistics are just one piece of our algorithms, which are adaptable to any application. Our remote geo-chemical analysis applies to every single pixel in an image scan. Thus, unlike our competitors, our results aren’t reliant on image statistics, manually editing or experts analysis making them more accurate, fully re-producible, faster, affordable and easy to integrate.

Meet the Team

We are a team of remote sensing professionals, geologists, artificial intelligence specialists and entrepreneurs. Combined, we have decades of experience in imaging spectroscopy, 
mining of minerals and application development.


A design showing Christian, Martin and Friederike smiling at the camera
Copper mine in RGB and hyperspectral view

Our strong link to the Helmholtz Centre – German Research Centre of Geosciences Potsdam – GFZ Potsdam allows us to deepen our knowledge, increase our Research& Development offers and keeps us ahead of competitors in the field of hyperspectral imagery.

Featured Packages

Identify High Value Exploration Targets

Hyperspectral analysis of satellite images in order to identify high value exploration targets; The rad. Spectral Data Analytics team is among the leading experts on applications with the soon to be launched EnMAP satellite mission.

Improve Ore Separation in Mine

Hyperspectral analysis of mining fronts in order to improve ore separation in the mine (open pit or underground mines); Chemical-Vision-for-ore-separation

Improve geological Models

Hyperspectral analysis of exploration or production drill-cores in order to improve the geological models of mineral reserves.